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Corey obtained his Ed.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service from Cardinal Stritch University.  He received his Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology, with a focus on Gifted & Talented Education, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He also received his K-12 Principal’s Certification from UW-Madison.  His Bachelor’s degree was in Elementary Education, with a minor in English Language Arts from UW-Madison as well.


Corey has successfully written for and received four Cardinal Stritch Faculty Development grants that he has used to create social studies field experiences for his teacher candidates and urban students.  Two of these grants funded trips to the Navajo Nation in the southwestern United States, the third grant funded a Pacific Northwest excursion, including Canada and the fourth grant funded a civil rights oral history project in the American South.


In 2012, Corey published15 Days, a book about an urban teacher who travels internationally with his elementary students.​


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