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Rabbi Moishe Steigmann is the founder and director of a newly-launched non-profit organization, The Spark Wisconsin, which seeks to activate Jewish energy through alternative Jewish programming. He is also the Rabbi of a Congregation Cnesses Israel in Green Bay, WI. Rabbi Steigmann has extensive work experience in synagogues, Jewish day schools, camps, and other informal educational and religious settings; has designed curricula; and has co-authored a published work on Judaism, peace, and education. He received his rabbinic ordination and a master's degree in Jewish education from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS) in New York and is also a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In addition, Rabbi Steigmann is a big sports fan, especially of the Green Bay Packers, and also loves games and puzzles. He is the proud father of two children.


Rabbi Steigmann teaches often to adults and children of all faiths and backgrounds. He explores what it means to be Jewish in today's world, what is common to Judaism and other faiths and what is different, and how religion can be a moral, ethical, and just voice in today's world. In addition, Rabbi Steigmann has extensive experience talking with children about the impact of hurtful and hateful language and actions, about the potential dangers of acquiescing to group pressure, and how common understanding is an essential building block is essential for us to build a kind and just society of which we can all be proud.

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*Note: Some speakers do charge honoraria.
Please see our school mini-grant page to learn more about funding that may be available to help cover honorariums.

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