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We want to hear about how or when you participated in Hours Against Hate or "Coffee Hours Against Hate" and what came out of your experience. Please fill out the form below and send us a picture so can be featured on our website and our social media channels!


My Hours Against Hate Experience: Kelly O'Keefe Boettcher

October 29, 2017

Q: How were you involved with Hours Against Hate in the past?

A: Rufus King HS has participated in Hours Against Hate for several years. I've been the primary facilitator of the program.

Q: What excites you about re-launching Hours Against Hate?

A: Is it a re-launch if we never stopped? I'm super excited about the addition of two new teachers to our building. One of them is a Muslim and one is a Jew and they are embracing all of our Interfaith initiatives. I'm thrilled to see them get involved in this work.

Q: How do you think Hours Against Hate can benefit our community?

A: Whenever young people are included in social justice work, the entire community benefits. Whenever young people see themselves as agents of change and hope, the entire community benefits.

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