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Hours Against Hate is an initiative designed to help stop bigotry and promote respect across lines of culture, religion, race, tradition, class, sexual orientation and gender. It is a call to action. Participants are encouraged to do service projects alongside a fellow community member that, “doesn’t look like you, pray like you, love like you or live like you.” Hours Against Hate is the connector – whether helping participants find each other or helping school groups and other organizations plan service events.


Hours Against Hate is an initiative that connects people across lines of difference through service and programming.


We only ask for an hour, and in turn, we help members of our community become activists by training them how to confront bigotry when they see it.


 Pledge an hour of your time now in support of those who don’t look like you, pray like you, love like you or live like you.


Watch this video to learn more about Hours Against Hate and our mission to make change in our community.


My name is Andrea Bernstein and I am the new coordinator for Hours Against Hate, a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation (MJF). In this position, I work to build bridges throughout the community while promoting advocacy and educating others through the use of service-oriented programming for adults and children. I truly believe in the program and I want to help teach others about the power within Hours Against Hate and its initiatives.


Outside of the office,  I hold leadership positions with the Fox Point-Bayside Educational Foundation Board and the National Council of Jewish Women. These opportunities allow me to serve these organizations by helping to create board structures and coordinate volunteer participation, and also through external engagement with my community by organizing events and bringing diverse community leaders together for conversation.   


My past work has earned me a School Support Award from the Coalition for Jewish Learning and the National Council of Jewish Women also named me as an Emerging Leader. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and my Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. 


I am very excited to continue driving the Hours Against Hate movement forward! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to bring “Lunch Hours Against Hate” into your school or workplace.

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